The MIH Centre Ltd
- a marketing consultancy owned and run by Tim Nicol.

MIH stands for “Make Innovation Happen” and we help clients to “do the new”, by offering marketing consultancy directed to the front end of the innovation and brand management process.

Together with trusted and experienced associates we run workshops, generate new product ideas, develop new concepts, and evaluate them, so you can innovate faster and more effectively. We like to work within a clear strategic framework and love “the freedom of a tight brief”.
If your strategic framework is weak and clarity of direction is unclear then we can help to define those too.

In the past we’ve worked for global, national, and local brands, private label suppliers, and across several industries, but our roots are in blue chip FMCG.

If you need advice on branding or innovation, by all means get in touch.

You can find out more about Tim Nicol and the other things he gets up to on LinkedIn:

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